What is Post Graduate Degree?

A Post Graduation degree, as the name suggests is a degree which is obtained by a person after he/she has completed a bachelor’s degree in a certain discipline or field. Post graduation can be pursued in either the field of graduation or another subject or discipline all together. A person who has completed or attained a post graduate degree is considered to have attained higher education and is then applicable to study further and go for a Doctorate in the subject of his/her choice. A Post Graduate degree is also often known as a Master’s degree.

Post Graduate Degree

Types of Post graduate degrees:

Post graduate education is divided into two main categories: vocational and academic. But other than this main categorization, a post graduate degree can also be put into other subheadings or fields, a few of which have been explained in the following lines:

  • MA/MSc: MA is Masters of Arts degree whereas MSc is Masters of Science. Both these courses provide higher education in subjects falling under Arts and Science categories. Some examples of MA and MSc courses include MA in Philosophy, MA in English, MA in Economics, MA in Political Science, MSc in Mathematics, MSc in Physics, MSc in Chemistry, MSc in Zoology etc.
  • MRes: Master of Research degree is a course which provides education regarding becoming a researcher and this is a course which is useful for those individuals who wish to pursue research work in the future or want to pursue PhD.
  • LLM: LLM is a Master of laws is a one year full time course or is divided into 2-4 years part time courses. To do this course, one doesn’t need a professional degree in law.
  • MBA: MBA is Masters of Business Administration and is a course which is taken by those who wish to become management professionals. This course can be pursued after doing graduation in almost any field.